National Three Year Programs

In keeping with our founders vision, chapters and members of ALPHA PI CHI National Sorority, Inc. implement and execute programs and projects throughout the year to further the ideals of the organization. Our programs greatly impact our communities.

Vote with us

Vote With Us

This program is a concentrated endeavor throughout all Chapters of the Sorority to increase our community involvement in educating, promoting, and making sure all persons eligible to vote can and do so without hindrance. Chapters are charged with addressing and directing ways to overcome the most critical areas that individuals in our communities’ encounter in the voting process. Voting is the bare minimum involvement in a self-governed society. People every day around the world fight for their right to vote.

Chapter members are trained to register new voters, serve as election judges, and provide transportation to the polls for seniors and disabled voters. Members offer and direct where to obtain voting credential information, local polling place locations, and present candidate forums and information packets.

This volunteer initiative will aid in empowering our community to be well informed about the voting process.

Helping Families Succeed
Grand Parents

Helping Families Succeed

Single Parent and Grand Parent Families – Volunteer Initiative

This program provides the Chapters opportunities to give needed assistance to the Single Parent and Grandparent Families throughout our communities. The family structure has changed drastically over the last 50 years and these families, in particular, are experiencing limited income and resources having to rely on support from relatives and friends. The Single Parent Family consist of one parent raising one or more children on his or her own. The Grandparent Family consist of Grandparents doing all that they can to raise their grandchildren and in some cases their great-grandchildren. These seasoned adults are charged with providing care for minor children, as well as helping them with social skills, and, because of the corona-virus pandemic, with their schoolwork.

We are helping these families to succeed by supporting this need in our communities. We are adopting Single Parent Families and Grandparent Families.

Feed The Hungry

Support Local Food Banks – Volunteer Initiative

In this program, Chapters in a variety of ways support local Food Banks, Food Pantries, Families in need of Food, Food Giveaways, and Emergency Food Programs.

In America, the world’s greatest food-producing nation, adults and children face hunger in every locality. Millions of people are struggling with hunger and this includes a great number of children. Children are more likely to face food insecurity than any other group in the United States. The coronavirus pandemic has left millions of families without stable employment. A household that is food insecure is limited in supporting a healthy life.

This volunteer initiative provides Chapters the opportunity to join in the battle against Hunger in America.